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Welcome in new classmates!

Making Back-To-School shopping easy, we have rolled out an eclectic range of black uniform shoes, white sporty kicks and school bags to choose from.


Treat your kids to must-have designs by leading brands like Puma, Reebok, Disney and Barbie. Considering the needs of growing up children into account, the range is complete with durable shoes, trendy backpacks and socks; to ensure smart dressing and comfortability to last through the academic year.  


BackToSchool Reebok shoes and bags


Smart and crisp is the name of the game when it comes to the boy’s collection. The traditional black shoes get an update with treated uppers and grippy soles for added comfort and ease of walking; while shoes with velcro straps are here to give busy moms more time to make hearty breakfast for little juniors as they independently prepare themselves for school.


school shoes Avengers and Mickey Mouse


The range for girls is an eclectic mix of comfortable insoles and pretty designs, the new ‘Back-To-School’ collection is what every girl wants to be seen in!


Light-weight and flexible soles have been tailored to ensure roomy interiors and comfort for growing and active feet. 


school shoes and bags Skechers


Elevating the style quotient, glitter-strewn uppers, bows and floral imprints on formal black shoes will leave your princesses spoilt for choice. Printed insoles with Barbie, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty and the all-time BFF, Minnie Mouse; make for a rather attractive padding to put their feet in, allowing a sense of comfort and style from within. 


school shoes Minnie Mouse, Barbie, Cinderella, Frozen and Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty and Disney Princess


Apart from these, we also sports shoes from Kappa, Skechers, Puma and Kangaroos to complete the ‘Back-To-School’ collection. Head to your nearest SHOEMART store to get set with school shopping for the trendy needs of your preteens and teens.


Sports shoes


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