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Summertime madness, Summertime stylin’

by Blogger, Nicoleta Buru of Reinvent Yourself


Summer is approaching and the sun is pitiless in Dubai. There is not much time left to update your wardrobe with the hottest shoe trends of the moment.  I am happy to give you few directions of my favourite trends of this season. Let’s start!


The MIDI HEELS are my very favourite trend of this Spring/Summer. You won’t argue with me when it comes to comfort. I am one who will suffer in the name of fashion on 12 cm of merciless heels. This year we don’t need heroes any more. Is time to look fashionable and relax without any sacrifice. Available at SHOEMART in floral and snake pattern (my very picks) and other two colour options.
However if you can’t imagine a world without heels then, welcome to the club! And there is another club of those who don’t believe that a pair of ultra fashionable heels can be purchased at reasonable price at SHOEMART. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous, believe me (do you?). FEATHER and VELVET – what a killer combination, right? These gorgeous heels will make a great fit to a dress, jeans and abaya. And no other peacock in the garden will attract more jealous eyes than you.
Once you’ll witness a cherry blossom season that will last for the whole summer. Luckily the FLORALS and PASTELS are in vogue and your lady like looks are going to be as sweet as the cherries.
The Nude Sandals had proven their practical use other the fashion fleeting nature. I can’t imagine how it won't be possible to achieve a perfect match to our longuette skirts (pencil skirts), elegant dresses or any evening outfits without a gorgeous minimal pair of nude sandals.
Meet the mutants of the shoes industry – The FLATFORM. When the wedges meet the flats and they fall in LOVE, their honeymoon destination will be without no doubt to Japan. 'Cos no one wear flatforms better than a Japanese. Wear them with skirt, jeans, dress, pants…or bikini. :)
Lace-me-up! The very ancient shoes style of Old Romans, Greek and Egypt forerunners is  back with a extra fierce. Currently causing lots of victims in the entire world. Expect the lace-ups on platform this summer ‘cos anything higher is higher :) Note that they are super comfy.  
POM-POM trend will save the world from depression. If you are not in good moods for some reason or you’re passing through light to deep depression (God forbid!)  don’t waste your money on expensive psychological counseling. All you need is colour therapy and pom-pom hypnosis. Works instantly and it is contagious.
The accessories this Summer are pure joy. All kind of fruits, animals, birds, cartoon paterns, fluffy pom-poms, flamingos, ethno and fringe bags chains are allowed. Stripes and polka dots are hot as the Dubai’s sun. You just choose your favourite colour for the day (and we are lucky to have many sunny days in Dubai) :)
Second year consecutively GLITTERS are in the top of the coolest trends in shoe wear. I Love them in sport or casual version. It is so nice to give that little sparkle to an easy, basic summer outfit especially when you wear whites.