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The Art Of Getting An Economic Luxe Look

by Media Influencer, @Salluhee


One of the famous names in Dubai is a brand owned by Landmark Group known as SHOEMART and they specialize in bags, accessories and most importantly shoes. The products at SHOEMART are at very affordable prices yet they have pretty trendy designs. One of their stores that I personally like is the one in Dubai Outlet Mall. Since it’s an outlet branch and the prices are already affordable, you get really good designs at much better prices in that store.


They have a huge variety of products which covers everyone; doesn’t matter if you have a street-style outfit, or casual or dapper. I personally like dapper looks and sometimes, there are occasions when I have to get a casual outfit and thus sneakers is what I look for. Below are a few outfits that were spiced up due to SHOEMART’s shoes.


Salluhee wears brown monk strap formals from Shoe Mart Gulf


Salluhee wears versatile brown slip-on formals from Shoe Mart Gulf


Salluhee wears casual shoes from Shoe Mart Gulf