The Art Of Getting An Economic Luxe Look

by Media Influencer, @Salluhee

They have a huge variety of products which covers everyone; doesn’t matter if you have a street-style outfit, or casual or dapper. I personally like dapper looks and sometimes there are occasions when I have to get a casual outfit and thus sneakers is what I look for.


Here are few outfits that were spiced up with SHOEMART’s shoes.

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My Winter Flavors

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Faith Rodriguez of The Look Bureau, gives us style inspirations that can transition from Winter to Spring. 

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Of fashion and coffee conversations

Coffee Morning with Bloggers at Aubaine

SHOEMART’s eclectic collection of shoes and bags is a buzz with all things warm, stylish and comfortable. Over a casual coffee-meet, we hosted over 40 bloggers and unveiled an exclusive glimpse into what’s in store with us, this Autumn/Winter season.

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Happy Feet Initiative - Step in and help

From 19th-26th November, in every Dubai branch*, YOU can be the reason someone gets the gift of happy feet! Just drop your long-forgotten footwear into store and, working with Emirates Red Crescent, we'll make sure it finds its way to someone who doesn't have any to wear.

*At any SHOEMART and Centrepoint stores in Dubai. Except Outlet Mall.

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Stylishly modest with SHOEMART

This holy season is a time of year that brings together families and friends under a canopy of utmost spirituality, delectable food and the ultimate in high fashion. 

This season is a time of year that brings together families and friends under a canopy of utmost spirituality, delectable food and the ultimate in high fashion.  Every evening at sunset, women come to break their fast in their fiercest getups for this holy period. 


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Summertime madness, Summertime stylin’

by Blogger, Nicoleta Buru of Reinvent Yourself
Summer is approaching and the sun is pitiless in Dubai. There is not much time left to update your wardrobe with the hottest shoe trends of the moment. I am happy to give you few directions of my favourite trends of this season. 
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Celebrate Mother’s Day with matching styles for moms and their little ones.

Whether it’s a mother-daughter pair or a matching shoe and bag for your mom, get the round-up of what’s nice to have for Mother’s day.

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Just because the conditions underfoot have worsened, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice wearing a nice fresh pair of white kicks. Rocking a pair of high tops in the winter can be a dreadfully experience (at least not in Dubai), but, with a canvas uppers and a light-weight rubber sole — along with a Velcro strap closure it makes the high top look attractive and extremely light. 

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Designers love traveling back to the joyful era of the 1970s. A decade filled with hippie-bohemian dresses, peasant blouses, pleated skirts and lots and lots of fringe! The 70s will surely make you look more girly and feel more fun, while a saturated color pallet of browns, purples and okras will add some romance into your day to day wardrobe.
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Enhance Your Look with the Right Accessories


Fashion and Travel Blogger, Wafaa Abo El Ela, shares us her tips!


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